Carlo Curatolo

Carlo Curatolo (Grottaglie, 1988) learned the basics of classical guitar from Pino Forresu and Francesco Taranto. In 2010 graduated with full marks from Conservatory G. Paisiello (Taranto, Italy). He also achieved in 2016 a master’s degree in Physics at Sapienza University of Rome. He attended master classes with C. Bonell, C. Domeniconi, J. Perroy, J. Cardoso, L. Brouwer, F. Cucchi, C. Marchione, P. Pegoraro, among others. He continued his studies at Civica Scuola della Arti (Rome) with Stefano Palamidessi and at Segovia Guitar Academy in Pordenone, with Paolo Pegoraro and Adriano del Sal.

He has been awarded in many national and international competitions in Italy and abroad, among which the most important are: first prize at Città di Celano 1st National Guitar Competition in 2011, Ansaldi 40th National Guitar Competition (Medal of the President of the Italian Republic) in Roburent; second prize at Alirio Diaz International Guitar Competition in Rome, Borguitar International Competition in Borgo Val di Taro; third prize at Omaggio a Niccolò Paganini International Guitar Competition in Parma, International Adriatic Festival in Pescara, and many others. He has been classified as finalist in others well-known international guitar competition: Omis Guitar Fest, 8th edition (Omis, Croatia); Enrico Mercatali International Guitar Competition, 14th edition (Gorizia); Emilio Pujol International Guitar Competition, 19th edition (Sassari); Thessaloniki Guitar Festival, 4th edition (Thessaloniki, Greece).

Since 2006 he has been invited to perform in various cultural events in Italy (including Palio di Taranto, Festival Federico Cesi) and he is present in the schedule of major concert events (Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, I Colori della Musica in Celano), both as soloist and in ensemble, bringing quotations in national and local newspapers. He collaborated with the famous italian actress Giorgia Trasselli for the event L’Eterno Femminile organized in Rome by Fabrica Harmonica, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

He combines his performing career with his well-attended teaching profession in Rome. He has been invited in national competitions as a member of the jury.

Carlo Curatolo plays a guitar made by Mirko Migliorini (Lecco, Italy).