LO CORTÉS NO QUITA LO GALLARDO - Miguel Ángel Cortés & José María Gallardo del Rey

Datum des Verfahrens: 
Sonntag, 24 Juni, 2018 - 19:00
Ort der Handlung: 
Spiegelsaal des Primatialpalais

*National Critics Award “Flamenco Hoy” to the best guitar record 2015

“Lo Cortes No Quita Lo Gallardo” is a perfect symbiosis between classical and flamenco. José María Gallardo del Rey and Miguel Ángel Cortés, inheritors of a hermetic tradition in each case, are themost ambitious guitar players of recent guitar duos. With their music and natures open, they propose to demolish some walls of Spanish sillar.

The union of these exceptional guitarists shows us that the branches of both worlds, the flamenco guitar and the classical guitar, take root in the common trunk of the Spanish guitar, from which different brothers, styles and expressions flow, but with the same soul and Same strength.

The characteristic interpretive strength of each of these formidable guitarists, generate a dialogue, which exhales all the expressive power, the feeling and the identity of our guitar.






1. Del Sacromonte al porvenir (Guajira)

2. Árbol de la bella sombra (Tangos)

3. Jabonero de la china (Bulería)

4. Noches de San Lorenzo (Preludio-Fuego-Plaza)

5. Nuestros mayores

6. Adagio flamenco & Aire de la cueva (Adagio & Tangos)

7. Bulería del 28 (Bulería)

8. Amargura

9. Silverio, ¡Qué Flamenco! Tangos/Rumba


Authors of compositions are interpreter themselves, except M. Font de Anta’s Amargura.


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The concert is taking place with the support of the Embassy of Spain in Bratislava.


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