About the festival

Guitar Festival of J. K. Mertz offers guitar concerts of world top players from 9 countries, at its 44th edition. Mostly classical guitar, and more - ancient music and jazz in compositions by Bach, Brouwer, Godár, Möller, Rodrigo, Savall and many others. Headliners of the event are Edin Karamazov – the lute player of legendary Sting, Il Fenomeno from Italy Aniello Desiderio, harpist and singer Arianna Savall with her charming project Il Viaggio d´Amore. Of course interesting are as well programmes as Hommage à Joaquín Rodrigo of Slovak top player Karol Samuelčík, Jazz Project of Juraj Burian, or meditative project Eternal Dream of Swedish Johannes Möller. And finally festival offers youth players day with youngest Slovak guitar neophytes and winners of European competitions Carlo Curatolo and Chia-Wei Lin and extraordinary programme of Bohemian lute orchestra with accompanying words of Czechoslovak lute legend Jiri Tichota.

All this will be in June in the frame of Cultural Summer and the Castle Festival Bratislava 2019. 


Guitar festival of J. K. Mertz is taking place in Bratislava from year 1976. Its founder and director for many years is prof. Jozef Zsapka and it hosted dozens guitarists and other musicians and chamber emsembles from all around the world. It was known first as "Days of Guitar Music", later "International Guitar Festival of Johann Kaspar Mertz" or "International Guitar Festival of J. K. Mertz" and always as a part Kultur summer in Bratislava.